Kinds of Blue: An anthology about depression
Kinds of Blue: Cover art

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“The black dog must die.”

“What does it feel like to feel anything?”

“No, I do not desire death. I desire non-existence.”

What does depression look like? What does depression feel like? When you're stuck in the middle of it, is there anything that actually helps?

In this collection of short, original comics, 14 young Australians chronicle their close encounters and experiences with depression, capturing snapshots of what depression is like in order to illuminate what is often unexpressed and help fellow sufferers know they are not alone.

  1. Introduction
  2. Feeling
  3. The real you
  4. Toward the waves
  5. The suit
  6. Reel life
  7. Labyrinthine
  8. Nihilo
  9. Eating the blues
  10. The black dog must die
  11. Five tips for caring for someone with depression
  12. Hard labour
  13. Knitting therapy
  14. A friend in need
  15. Where to get help
  16. About the contributors
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