Kinds of Blue: An anthology about depression

About the contributors

Until part-way through 2010, Karen Beilharz worked as a magazine editor for a small Christian publishing house in Sydney, Australia, named Matthias Media. She has been writing stories since she was very young, but it is only recently that she has ventured tentatively into comics and creative collaboration. She is married to the charming and effervescent Ben, and is mother to the delightful and precocious little Astrid.

Email: mrskbeilz at gmail com
Twitter: @kbeilz

Mike Barry is a writer, artist, designer and recovering control freak. He is the author of such projects as “Mr Cool the Martian takes down Dag Man” and “Superworm”, both of which were published in his sixth grade parent-controlled primary school newsletter, circa 1989. He has done other things too—a small fraction of which can be found here in this book or on his website He enjoys laughing, being married, playing soccer and reading comics, and can only sustain talking about myself in the third person for so long. If you'd like to get in touch, here are my details:

Email: mike at nownotyet net
Twitter: @Mike_Barry

Melanie Boreham is a Sydney-based, interdisciplinary artist who has a close affinity with materiality and its ability to engage beyond a primary aesthetic level. She employs painting, sculpture, textiles, installation and video to create works that deal with the various aspects of human frailty—including vulnerability and loss. Since 2007, she has been exhibiting consistently around Australia in over 30 solo and group shows.

Email: melanie at melanieboreham com

Tim Bywater is an illustrator and comic artist working in Sydney's Inner West. Having drawn for most of his life and having studied Graphic Design and Design Illustration through TAFE (Technical and Further Education institution), Tim is now producing a range of works—including t-shirts, comics, band posters and custom tattoo designs. Besides illustration, Tim enjoys reading science fiction novels and writing music.


Fiona Darwin has been drawing ever since she was able to pick up a pencil. Born in Zimbabwe, she and her family moved to Australia, looking for better opportunities. She now lives in Sydney, employed as a Static Artist for a gaming company, and is working hard to further herself as an illustrator. She loves creating comics (as well as reading them!) and is very grateful to have been given the chance to take part in this anthology.

Email: fionadarwin at gmail com

Dan Gilmore has been breathing on a regular basis since 1979. He loves Earth culture and is always looking to learn more. He is very cool, very stylish and very competent. He also comes equipped with photon rifle, flamethrower, full-spectrum beacon and 180db stereo speakers, and transforms into a Porsche. Dan lives in a house and runs a children's charity's website in Brisbane, Australia.

Jess Green is a graphic designer who is currently working in publishing ( and living in Sydney, Australia. She likes to get out of Sydney whenever possible. She also likes everything Jane Austen, and spends much time perfecting her Austenesque accomplishments—drawing included.

Rebecca Jee has had short fiction published in various anthologies, has an Masters of Art in creative writing from the University of New South Wales, and is an alumnus of Varuna House in Katoomba. She has also wrestled with the black dog of depression for the past few years, which has made inspiration hard-won and any creative output extremely precious! She is currently a freelance graphic designer and part-time student at a theological college in Sydney, Australia.

Kathleen Jennings illustrates and writes science fiction, fantasy and comics. Her illustrations have been published by Small Beer Press, Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild, Twelfth Planet Press and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and she has recently completed a young adult steampunk comic set in an alternate past of her home town. She grew up on a cattle property in western Queensland, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Email: kathleen.jennings at gmail com

Nancy Malik is addicted to design, and has a diverse background in creative pursuits ranging from fashion to stencilling to product design. She is currently at the University of Technology Sydney, studying Industrial Design and working part-time with disadvantaged teens.

Email: nancymalik at optusnet com au

Belinda Stead is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator, living and working in Sydney, Australia. She was born with a HB pencil in her hand, and instead of having it surgically removed, she decided to do something useful with it. She is currently in her third year, studying youth ministry at Anglican Youthworks Training College. She also really likes musicals.

Email: belinda_stead at optusnet com au

Jemima Trappel is a young Sydney-based artist currently in her fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Arts at the College of Fine Arts, Paddington, majoring in painting and French. In 2009, her major work involved painting a number of the homeless in her area and selling the portraits in an exhibition to raise funds for a free breakfast that supports them. Although Jemima’s illustration work for ‘A friend in need’ is quite a contrast visually to her oil paintings, it draws on her love of children’s books and interest in comic-making.

Email: mmijae at yahoo com au

Guangyao Un (or Guan) is currently studying full-time at a Bible college in Sydney, Australia. He loves writing in almost all its forms. This is his first foray into comics. He spends much of the rest of his time managing various obsessions—obsessions such as with the writer David Foster Wallace, the singer-songwriter Joe Henry, and the beverage coffee. He is married to the ridiculously friendly Mary, and they are parents to the ridiculously friendly Aria.

Email: guan.un at gmail com
Twitter: @thisisguan

Paul Wong-Pan attended art school at Enmore Design Centre, graduating in 2007 with a Diploma in Design and Illustration. He now works freelance, and enjoys painting and spending much of his time watching the Tour de France. Paul lives in the Sutherland Shire, south of Sydney, Australia, and attends church at St Luke’s Anglican, Miranda.

Email: wongas28 at hotmail com